Sustainable Living Fabrics is a Certified Carbon Neutral company.

Since 2005, by reviewing its supply chain, working with suppliers and actively implementing environmental strategies to minimise its environmental footprint, Sustainable Living Fabrics has significantly reduced the carbon emissions, water usage, use of toxic chemicals and toxic emissions attributed to production of its eco fabrics and its management and distribution activities.

In May 2007, Sustainable Living Fabrics became the first textile manufacturer to certify every product as low carbon under the Federal Government’s Greenhouse Friendly Initiative. We were the tenth in Australia to receive Greenhouse Friendly certification. 


In September 2010 Low Carbon Australia Limited certified Sustainable Living Fabrics and all products sold as carbon neutral under the Carbon Neutral Program which is underpinned by the Australian Government National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). NCOS was a rigorous program through the Department of the Environment and Energy that replaced the Greenhouse Friendly Initiative.​


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Sustainable Living Fabrics was one of the first companies to achieve this certification and its assurance that all the fabrics Sustainable Living Fabrics sell are genuinely carbon neutral.

In November 2019, the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) was replaced by Climate Active. ‘The Certification helps the community take action by making it easier to identify and choose brands that are making a real difference. Its about making good decisions today, for a bright and more sustainable tomorrow’ Climate Active. To achieve our Climate Active Product and Organisation Labels, Sustainable Living Fabrics continues our efforts in reducing our carbon foot print to zero.   



Carbon and energy management specialists, Pangolin Associates, manage our Climate Active requirements ongoing. This includes an annual carbon footprint, comprehensive carbon reduction recommendations, and annual offsetting services with certified carbon credits for emissions that we cannot eliminate. In 2016, Pangolin Associates also conducted our Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), an essential strategy for maintaining carbon neutrality.

Third party expertise is vital to maintain Climate Active certification; it requires accredited auditors to provide the carbon inventory and then verify the report. Carbon Risk Management provided verification services in 2016, which must be separate and independent again from the carbon footprint service provision.

To comply with our carbon neutral obligations we offset approximately 1,000 tonnes of carbon, or carbon equivalent (tCO2e) each year, supporting renewable energy initiatives in the developing world. Pangolin Associates advises and manages our offsetting process and transparently documents and comments each transaction on our behalf. This information is publically available on the VCS Registry. See an example of one our carbon credit transactions for wind power in India.

The Climate Active certification covers all fabrics and services supplied by Sustainable Living Fabrics including the offset of:


1.    The production of every fabric right down the supply chain from raw materials to delivery to customer including but not limited to:    

  •  Extraction of raw materials (including the methane and nitrous oxide from the sheep)     

  •  Conversion of raw materials to fibre and yarn     

  •  Conversion of yarn to finished fabric     

  •  All related transport along the supply chain 


2.    All warehousing and administrative and support  activities


3.    All company cars 


4.    The Sales Team’s cars


5.    Employees' cars when used on company business


6.    All company air and tax

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