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Guide to Fabric Maintenance


With proper care and cleaning, wool upholstery fabrics will maintain their appearance for many years.

Wool is a natural biodegrdable fibre, shedding of excess fibres in the first weeks of use has no effect on the life of the fabric or its long-term appearance. To remove any excess wool fibre simply brush with a soft clothing brush in one direction using short strokes.

Regular vacuuming on low suction with an upholstery attachment, will quickly remove dust and fluff, reducing the need for exposure to dangerous chemicals used in professional dry cleaning, which are bad for the environment and may leave a residue on your fabric.

Synthetics tend to hold the dirt more and may require more frequent cleaning. The general rule is the longer it’s been there the harder it is to remove.

For more intensive cleaning which will be required from time to time, dry cleaning is recommended. Call in the professionals or, if the covers are removable send them out to the dry cleaners.

Stains can be treated according to the type of stain. Speed is essential for best results.

Fabric treated by the textile manufacturer with special chemicals to impart a soil resistance quality will generally require a modification of the care instructions. The labels 3 and 4 cover fabrics treated with soil resistant finishes.

Fabrics treated with Greenseal Ultimate for high use applications are fully immersed in nanoparticle treatment which reduces adhesion, minimising staining by providing an extremely high level of water repellency.
Blot spills immediately with a clean absorbent cloth, do not rub, change towel surface frequently until the spot is removed, and try to avoid pressing the spill or spreading the stain. Wipe off with clean water and a clean, dry cloth if needed. If the spill does not come off with water a mild detergent If the stain resists cleaning, contact a professional cleaner. 


The information in this manual is provided in good faith. Sustainable Living Fabrics accepts no responsibility for any claims arising from the treatments proposed.

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General Method of Upholstery Cleaning


While routine care can minimise the need to clean upholstered furniture, and spot cleaning can restore locally soiled areas, at some time it will be necessary to clean the entire piece of furniture.The methods of cleaning non-removable covers include: Shampoo Cleaning, Hot Water Extraction and On-site Dry Cleaning.



Soil Resist Treated Fabrics


The following guideline refers to Soild Resist Treated Fabrics. It is to be used as a guideline only.



Screen And Partitioning Cleaning


The following guideline refers to screen and partitioning fabric. It is to be used as a guideline only.



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