Sustainable Living fabrics collection of eco textiles represent environmental world excellence for commercial upholstery and screen fabrics.


These environmental commercial textile ranges are all licenced to carry the GECA Type 1 Ecolabel,  having been verified by an independent conformity assessment body that they meet the environmental health and social/ethical criteria of the GECA Textiles and Leather (Tlv3.0-2014) standard.

The standard is developed in accordance with ISO 14024 and considers impacts over the life cycle of textile products, including material sourcing, manufacture, packaging and use. Textile manufacturers must show compliance with International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions for no forced labour or exploitation, and manufacturers need to ensure their employees have safe working conditions, fair pay and equal opportunities. The standard also places limits, restrictions and bans on certain dyes.

GECA Certified Furniture Fittings and Foam upholstered with GECA Licenced fabrics contribute to meeting the Green Building Council of Australia’s GREEN STAR sustainability rating program at Level A.

GECA certification has also been recognised by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia, ISCA’s IS rating program and can also contribute to WELL, NABERS (Indoor Air Quality) & LEED projects.

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