Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is an important environmental consideration and volatile organic compounds (VOC) are a significant source of indoor air pollution. The measurement of TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) is frequently used to assess indoor air quality and provides a useful monitor for determining changes in the indoor air quality.


Our strict farm to fabric chain of custody ensures there are no harmful emissions from our fabrics. We commissioned CETEC (Consulting Enterprises in Technology) to test the fabrics in our collection using the methods and principles for VOC emissions outlined in the Green Star- Office Design Technical Manual (IEQ-13 Indoor Air Pollutants).


The average emission rate of TVOC at 30 days for all fabrics tested was less than 0.005mg/m2/hr and well below the Green Star requirement of 0.5mg/m2/hr. In addition the test report for our fabrics notes “the chemical compounds detected in the very low emissions from the products were not recognised chemicals of concern and would not pose a health issue to humans”. 

Our wool fabrics may also improve IAQ by absorbing and neutralising some VOC including formaldehydes on an ongoing basis. Recent research has found that wool can absorb formaldehydes in such enormous quantities as to be of benefit with sick building syndrome.


Like indoor plants, our Ecowool® fabrics enhance the aesthetics of the indoor environment but have the added advantage of no ongoing maintenance costs to ensure that the correct medium exists to absorb some VOCs and contribute to improved IAQ.


As a long-term contributor to IAQ, use of our wool fabrics is a practical and cost effective solution. 





IEQ can be adversely affected by many factors including poor air quality, indoor climate, static, noise and visual monotony.

All our fabrics have been certified as low VOC and containing no harmful substances. In addition, wool fabrics can improve IEQ because they have the potential in an ongoing capacity to absorb some VOC and improve IAQ. Our wool fabrics offer thermal comfort by regulating body temperature and can also reduce static. All our fabrics provide the opportunity to work with different colour schemes to create visual interest and contribute to overall ambience of the space. Our fabrics also provide sound insulation to further improve the IEQ.




Emissions Test Report
Emissions Test Report
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