Sustainable GREENSEAL 


Sustainable GREENSEAL carries the GECA Ecolabel.  


Sustainable GREENSEAL is a heavy duty stain resist treatment for protection against soiling.  It can be applied to any fabric in the Sustainable Living Fabrics range. 

Liquids bead on top and do not seep into the fabric allowing spots and stains to be easily removed. 

Sustainable GREENSEAL is resistant to liquid and stains. 


Breathable             Moisture Vapour permeable to BS3546

Stain Resistant       Treated for liquic and Stain resist

Minimum               No minimum

Leadtime                2-4 Weeks

Care Label              Care Label 3 for soil resist finished click here



Stain Resistant

The nanoparticle treatment reduces adhesion, allowing spills to be immediately and easily dabbed away with a clean dry cloth.

Water Resistant

The Sustainable Greenseal treatment provides an extremely high level of water repellence, liquids just bead away.

Sustainable GREENSEAL

by Sustainable Living Fabrics.

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