Stain Resistant

The nanoparticle treatment reduces adhesion, allowing spills to be immediately and easily dabbed away with a clean dry cloth.

Water Resistant

The ULTIMATE treatment provides an extremely high level of water repellence, liquids just bead away.


Fabric fibre interspaces are retained and the backing membrane is moisture vapour permeable maintaining breathability.

ULTIMATE Fabric Treatment


The ULTIMATE treatment is  a heavy duty stain resistant treatment for protection against soiling. The treatment kills not only the surface bacteria but also the bacteria in the spaces between the fibres and the weave structure. The ULTIMATE treatment also has a water resistant backing.     


Our ULTIMATE treatment can be applied to any fabric in the  Sustainable Living Fabrics range. It allows our fabrics to retain its natural stretch making it ideal to apply to simple and tricky upholstery jobs.    


Liquids bead on top and do not seep into the fabric allowing spots and stains to be easily removed. 


The ULTIMATE Treatment is resistant to stain,  moisture, odour, mildew, fungus and bacteria.  


The ULTIMATE treatment inhibits the growth of bacteria including Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus,       E. coli and Salmonella and   a broad range of other bacteria.


Resists common fungi that cause moulds and yeasts such as Penicillium, Aspergillus Niger, Candida, etc. and inhibits the growth of microorganisms reducing the spread of opportunistic infections.  

Dust Mite Controls

Sustainable Living Fabrics ULTIMATE treatment controls the growth of dust mites by inhibiting their food supply.

Low Voc's

Our fabrics are tested and certified low antimony and low in Volatile Organic Compound emissions during polymerisation to help improve indoor air quality.


The ULTIMATE treatment allows for natural mechanical stretch making it easy to upholster.

Water Resist          To BS3254

Breathable             Moisture Vapour permeable to BS3546

Stain Resistant       Treated for liquid and Stain resist

Anti Bacterial         Resistant to common bacteria such as MRSA, E Coli, and Salmonella. Inhibits the growth of other bacteria.

Anti Fungal             Resists common fungi that cause household moulds such as Penicilium, Aspergillus Niger, Candida, etc.

                                   Inhibits the growth of other fungi.

Leadtime                 2-4 Weeks

Warranty                 5 years


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ULTIMATE Treatment

by Sustainable Living Fabrics.

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