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Sustainable Living Fabrics has been in the commercial textile industry for over 50 years and is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia using Australian wool. We pride ourselves on creating high quality Australian made fabrics with an environmental conscience.

As a small business, we design all our fabrics in house, giving us the freedom to work closely with our customers needs, provide custom colours, as well as develop our ranges independently. Being locally manufactured we have the ability to easily monitor, develop and understand our supply chain so we can prioritise transparency across all levels.

We have developed and maintained a strong environmental ethos over the years and we continue to refine our practices to ensure we maintain transparency and  accountability for our carbon footprint.

Our vision is to create products that don’t harm our environment, are made  to  last  and support  Australian businesses. The beauty of choosing to use Sustainable Living Fabrics is that you don’t have to compromise on price, aesthetics or creativity to design your project sustainably.

“Since 2012 when I first took the reins of Sustainable Living Fabrics it’s been my mission to combine my passion for beautiful, high quality fabrics with  environmentally conscious business practices.

Being a small business owner means that I can stay in touch with every part of the process. Our customers can trust that through choosing to work with us they are directly supporting our local industries and families.”

- Managing Director, Liz Miles.

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