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LIZ - Managing Director. 

Our Managing Director Liz Miles, has owned and directed Sustainable Living Fabrics (SLF) for 9 amazing years. Liz’s background in fashion textiles and passion for Sustainable Interior Design led her to overhaul SLF, giving the company new life and its designer edge.  Liz has a clear understanding of the industry and is able to liaise with not only the designers but upholsterers and back of house manufacturing. Her outlet to be creative is also met through creating and designing new ranges. Over the past 9 years, with Liz’s unwavering direction SLF has carved a niche in the Australian textile industry by providing its clients with a unique product. Her instinct for colour allows Liz to clearly identify new modern colour palettes, and her preference for sustainable manufacturing means that her clients are assured of a stunning environmental product. Crucial to the everyday running of the business, Liz has established a team to help support her in her endeavours to revolutionise the commercial textile market in Australia.


JAC - Queensland Account Manager & Social Media Manger

Jac is our Queensland Account Manager and Social Media Manager, being with the company for 7 years, many of our clients will have known Jac from when she was the Account Manager in Victoria. When Jac started with Sustainable Living Fabrics she overhauled the website and started our Social Media journey. Her background in Interior Design and Digital Marketing has helped us connect with many of our clients over the years and her on-going learning will only benefit us further. Her passion for textiles and furniture has only expanded over the years and Sustainable Living Fabrics has been a fantastic creative outlet for her. She is vital in the product development process, aiding with colour forecasting, pattern development and product growth. She is driving our Social media personality and seeks to provide our clients with a clear brand and daily inspiration. Through these times, we have had to step outside the square and think on our toes for ways to connect and engage with our clients, Jac is full of innovative ideas going above and beyond for our small business.


PETA - Sampling

Peta is our Sampling Guru, being with the company for almost 14 years she is a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all things Sustainable Living Fabrics. If you’ve called the office you’ve probably heard her friendly voice, she is amazingly helpful and will bend over backwards for all our clients.  She has a passion for Interior Design and has her own background in Interior Architecture, from which she has brought all her insights into the company. Her fervour for our history and our fabric archives will see Peta bring out the old Tomes for reference, inspiration and for a bit of fun. Peta co-ordinates all of our product testing, acquiring specific rub rate and fire rating tests required by our clients. She also organizes all of our sample printing, sampling cutting and assembly. She hand makes all of our sample chips and organizes the chipboxes for the use of our clients. She is a perfect gauge for product development and always happy to share her expertise, to the benefit of our ranges.


DAVE - Warehouse Co-ordinator

Our Warehouse Manager, Dave, is often thought of as our office prankster. Though always up for a bit of fun, Dave’s incredible memory and attention to detail is staggering. With the company for 17 years, Dave’s role has morphed to include processing of sales, shipping, supply, transport logistics and customer service. Dave manages to run a smooth ship, ensuring that our clients receive their orders as fast as possible. Dave’s amazing ability to know what’s on the warehouse shelves without looking is a testament to his skill and his years of experience with Sustainable Living Fabrics. Dave’s background in weaving has also brought invaluable knowledge to the company and is one of our crucial team members.


GARY - Quality Control Inspector

Gary has been with the company for 18 years, our longest standing employee. In charge of our Internal Quality Control unit, Gary ensures that the fabric meets our high standard. He inspects every piece of fabric that comes into the warehouse from the mill, inch by inch to ensure there are no faults, pulls or colour discrepancies.  As with fabric there can be a lot of variances between dye lot batches, its Gary’s job to make sure that the fabric we accept into the warehouse is as close to the ‘standard’ as possible. Gary’s ability to work through the fabrics efficiently with his incredible attention to detail is truly remarkable. He has eyes like a hawk and a true legend in the SLF office.  


MICHAEL - Warehouse Maintenance 

Michael is our go-to man for packing, shipping and the general maintenance of our Mulgrave office and warehouse. Being with the company for 8 years, Michael brings his great sense of humour and artistic creativity to the team. Although he doesn’t have direct contact with customers, the importance of Customer Service isn’t lost on Michael, and he strives to make sure all our fabrics are packed appropriately and shipped out quickly. Michael makes sure we are all working in accordance with workplace health and safety regulations by ensuring a neat and tidy workspace. Without Michael’s positive attitude and merry laughter, the office would be a different space.

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