12 Year Fabric Warranty


Sustainable Living Fabrics Pty Ltd warrants its fabrics for a period of up to twelve (12) years or the warranted life of the furniture, whichever is the lesser, from date of invoice, against faulty manufacture and wear- through in normal indoor commercial seating and workstation use by the original end-use customer.


For the purpose of this warranty, "wear- through" is defined as "a hole caused by disintegration of the fabric structure in a particular area as a result of normal abrasive wear".

Sustainable Living Fabrics Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for damage, disintegration or loss arising from abuse, misuse, vandalism, burns, cuts, punctures, incorrect or inappropriate upholstering, installation or maintenance

Including but not limited to:

  • Use of glues or adhesives

  • Use of cleaning agents or equipment 

  • Soiling

  • Application of any treatment, finish or process after shipment from Sustainable Living Fabrics Pty Ltd 

  • Defects in design or manufacture of seating or furniture

  • Inadequate or faulty padding, abrasion from other seating components or furniture

  • Snagging, pilling, fading, use in any application other than normal indoor seating or workstation

  • Damage from sunlight

  • Damage from clothing

  • Damage from use subsequent to ownership by the original end-use customer.

This warranty does not apply to fabric to which any additional treatment or finish, including any backing process, has been applied including any applied by specific order prior to shipment by Sustainable Living Fabrics Pty Ltd. 

In addition, Sustainable Living Fabrics Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for changes in any way to the goods arising from any after treatments or finishes or processes whatsoever. This warranty does not extend to use other than that by the original end-use customer.

Where Sustainable Living Fabrics Pty Ltd is in breach of this warranty, Sustainable Living Fabrics Pty Ltd will repair or, at its discretion replace, the affected fabric at its expense, including reasonable reupholstery costs if applicable but excluding incidental or consequential cost, subject to its receipt of a prompt written notice
including a copy of the purchase invoice and the furniture warranty, within the warranty period. Except as expressly provided herein, Sustainable Living Fabrics Pty Ltd does not make any representations or warranties, express or implied, including without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness of its fabric for any particular purpose and Sustainable Living Fabrics Pty Ltd hereby disclaims the same.

The remedies set forth herein are exclusive. Liability of Sustainable Living Fabrics Pty Ltd is limited to the actual repair or replacement of the defective fabric and does not include incidental or consequential damage.

*Please note that treated fabrics carry a 5 year warranty instead of 12 year. This refers to both GREENSEAL commercial and ULITIMATE treatments.

Sustainable Living Fabrics Pty Ltd reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions of this Warranty at any time without notice.




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