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Check out our fabrics on some great corporate projects including office chairs, office spaces, and breakout spaces.

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Our fabrics are extremely hard wearing and perfect for educational facilities. Have a look at a few of our favourite educational projects. 


Here are a selection of fantastic Healthcare projects that showcase our fabrics. 

bella vista1.jpg

We love to see our fabrics in Hospitality Projects as designers can really stretch their imagination. 


Our fabrics are perfect for residential applications. From couches, chairs and cushions our fabrics have been used on a multitude of projects. 


Click here to see some fantastic Auditorium projects showcasing our fabrics. We love seeing the designers doing some different things with these spaces. 

Photo 19-6-20, 11 20 54 am (1).jpg

Here is a small collection of various furniture pieces highlighting our beautiful fabrics. 

DM2 curtain.png

Have a look at some projects featuring our fabrics as curtains. 

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