Sustainability; Ensuring our decisions for today do not compromise our future tomorrow.

GECA - 2004 - ongoing

Sustainable Living Fabrics was the 23rd company to have their product licensed to carry the Good Environmental Choice Ecolabel (GECA), the first commercial furnishing fabric company to offer eco fabrics with the GECA Ecolabel to the Australian market and remains the only company to offer a comprehensive range of over 400 eco fabrics with environmental certification.

Climate Active - Carbon Neutrality -  2010 - ongoing
Sustainable Living Fabrics was one of the first companies to achieve carbon neutrality and its assurance that all the fabrics Sustainable Living Fabrics sell are genuinely carbon neutral. Details of the program can be found here.

Green Building Council Australia (GCBA) Member  -  2005 - ongoing

Sustainable Living Fabrics has been a member and active supporter of the Green Building Council since 2005. Our fabrics can contribute to Green Star points. 


Green Star - 2015 - ongoing

GECA Certified Furniture Fittings and Foam upholstered with GECA Licenced fabrics contribute to meeting the Green Building Council of Australia’s GREEN STAR sustainability rating program at Level A.

Greenfleet Supporter - 2010 - ongoing

Sustainable Living Fabrics have been a long time supporter of the not-for-profit environmental organisation Greenfleet which restores our native forests. 

Defence Force Recognised  -  2010 - ongoing

SLF is a preferred supplied to the Australian Defence Force. 


Our fabrics have exceptional durability, with every eco fabric carrying a warranty of up to twelve years. For details click here.

Sustainable Living Fabrics have embraced transparent, credible product stewardship through the entire life cycle of their fabrics and offers a take back program. Details of this program can be found here.

LEAP - 2006
Sustainable Living Fabrics introduced the first ethical and environmental LEAP wool buying scheme which drove environmental change at the farm level. Strict chain of custody from the farm to fabric ensured an ongoing supply of environmentally preferable low pesticide Leanwool® to the company’s tight environmental specification. Now due to our Climate Active and GECA credentials the LEAP wool buying scheme has been made redundant.


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