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Location: Perth, Western Australia


Date: 2013

Furniture Supplier: Living Edge

Fabrics Used:

Our fabrics get specified for environmental projects as our entire range is certifide with the GECA Ecolabel, wool is a renewable resource and our company and all products are certified carbon neutral under the Australian Governments Carbon Neutral Program, underpinned by the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).

This project also made use of our ULITIMATE treatment. The ULTIMATE treatment is a heavy duty stain resistant treatment for protection against soiling. The treatment kills not only the surface bacteria but also the bacteria in the spaces between the fibres and the weave structure. The ULTIMATE treatment also has a water resistant backing.     


Our ULTIMATE treatment can be applied to any fabric in the Sustainable Living Fabrics range. It allows our fabrics to retain its natural stretch making it ideal to apply to simple and tricky upholstery jobs. 

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