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Sustinable Director Hitchcock


Our journey:

2019 – Launched new colour range 'SUSTAINABLE KAKADU DREAMING' 

2018 – Sustainable Living Fabrics - 50 years in Fabric

2018 – Launched new colour range 'SUSTAINABLE CORD AVIARY'

2018 – Launched new range 'SUSTAINABLE DERWENT'


2017 – Launched new range 'SUSTAINABLE HOUNDSTOOTH'


2017 – Launched new colour range 'SUSTAINABLE CLASSICS'

2016 – Launched new range 'SUSTAINABLE SUPERTHOR OPERA'

2016 – Added new colours to the 'SUSTAINABLE CHELSEA MIX' range

2016 – Added new colours to the 'SUSTAINABLE IMPRINT' range

2016 – Launched new range 'SUSTAINABLE ECOTONE'

2016 – Participated in Melbourne Indesign 2016

2016 – Launched new range 'SUSTAINABLE COASTLINE FLOW'


2015 – Launched new range 'SUSTAINABLE RENEGADE ULTIMATE'


2015 – Launched new range 'SUSTAINABLE TEKNEKO'


2015 – Launched new range 'SUSTAINABLE COASTLINE FORM'


2015 – Launched new range 'SUSTAINABLE DIRECTOR'


2015 – Participated in Sydney Indesign 2015


2015 – Launched new range 'SUSTAINABLE RENEGADE HARVEST'


2015 – Launched Social Media Accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and Houze .


2014 – Consolidated all existing ranges and added additional colours where required


2014 – Launched new website.


2014 – SLF was audited and our GECA License was renewed.


2014 – Launched new range ‘SUSTAINABLE RENEGADE BRIGHTS’


2014 – Launched new range ‘SUSTAINABLE OPERATOR’


2013 – Moved to a larger premises in Mulgrave in Victoria.


2013 – SLF was audited by NCOS and achieved our Low Carbon Certification.


2012 – SLF was audited and our GECA License was renewed.


2012 – Liz Miles and Alistair Fulton took over Sustainable Living Fabrics (SLF) having recognised the potential and the individuality of locally made, sustainable fabrics.


2010 – NCOS. SLF was the first company and entire product range to be certified carbon neutral under the Carbon Neutral Program which is underpinned by NCOS (National Carbon Offset Standard) developed by the Australian Government.


2010 - SLF was announced as a finalist in the FMA Product Excellence Awards.


2009 - Voluntary Carbon Market Association.


2008 - Attended the first meeting of the UN Caring for Climate Business Leaders Platform in Geneva.


2008 - Awarded a Victorian Premier's Design Mark for its fabric Sustainable Ecostyle.


2008 – Winner of the United Nations Association of Australia World Environment Day Lincolne Scott Triple Bottom Line Award for the second consecutive year. 


2008 – Winner of the Monash World Environment Day Business Sustainability Award.


2008 - Endorsed the United Nations CEO Water Mandate and the United Nations Caring for Climate Statement.


2008 – SLF committed to United Nations Global Compact. We released our first Sustainability Report to the Global Initiative GR3 guidelines.


2007 – Winner of the United Nations Association of Australia World Environment Day Lincolne Scott Triple Bottom Line Award.


2007 – SLF was the first manufacturing company and wholesaler to have every product certified carbon neutral under the Australian Government Greenhouse Friendly Initiative.


2007 – Winner of the 2007 Premier’s Sustainability Small Business Excellence Award.


2006 – Greenfleet. SLF became the first carbon neutral textile company offsetting 25% more CO2 equivalent emissions than attributed to the production of every product and every support activity. It planted 30,000 trees through Greenfleet as carbon offset and to support the Murray Darling Rescue Halt the Salt Program.


2006 – SLF established the innovative LEAP wool buying program.


2006 -  SLF were a finalist in the Banksia Awards 2006 Eco Innovation Category for its Green Living Collection and “world leadership in environmental textiles."


2006 - The first company to become carbon neutral and have every fabric carbon neutral from cradle to grave.


2006 – We were finalists in the Eco Innovation Banksia Awards 2006 for the Green Living Collection “World Leadership in Environmental Textiles”.


2005 -Became a member of the Green Building Council of Australia.


2005 - Released the Green Living Collection with over 300 environmentally accredited fabrics. Good Environmental Choice Australia Eco-label for Textile Products.




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